Daily Mail: Human Ken Doll and Barbie! Rodrigo Alves Shares Smooch with Marcella Iglesias

Marcela Iglesias, Daily Mail, Hollywood Plastics

Human Ken Doll and Barbie! Rodrigo Alves shares smooch as he enjoys amorous lunch with Plastics Of Hollywood costar Marcella Iglesias

Marcela Iglesias, Hollywood Plastics, Daily Mail

They are billing themselves as the Plastics Of Hollywood.

And Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves seems to have found his Barbie if his amorous display with Marcella Inglesias over lunch in Beverly Hills on Thursday is any guide.

The dynamic duo shared a smooch, stared into each others eyes and linked arms as they quaffed drinks during an affection-filled meal that surely had fellow diner shuffling uncomfortably in their seats... READ MORE

Rick Krusky