Plastics of Hollywood

Marcela has always had a fascination with the transformative power of plastic surgery.

As a young girl in Argentina who found herself too often bored with the norm, Marcela was drawn to the eccentric, seeking to express herself by modifying her look – a desire she was forced to suppress since changing one’s physical appearance was not something that was supported by her family.

Despite her personal fascination with the subject, Marcela has yet to engage in any plastic surgery herself, maintaining that it is not for everyone nor should it be seen as a solution to deep, personal issues. But she does remain open to the idea of plastic surgery when she's older.

Two years ago Marcela created “Plastics of Hollywood,” a lifestyle brand for those who and are proud of their surgical transformations – a place where they can feel safe, comfortable, and to look for advice and recommendations about cosmetic procedures.

Marcela and her cast have been featured in such outlets as Cosmopolitan, New York Post, Daily Mail and Vogue Italy, to name a few.

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