New York Post: Transgender ‘Barbie’ Blows $1M on Plastic Surgery

Marcela Iglesias, New York Post, Hollywood Plastics

“When I saw Nikki’s transformation, I realized she had been through more plastic surgery than probably anyone else,” said Marcela Iglesias, manager of “Plastics of Hollywood.”

“A lot of people I know who were bullied at school take antidepressant medication, but Nikki instead continued to follow her dream and become who she wanted, ” she added.

Marcela Iglesias, New York Post, Plastics of Hollywood

A million dollar makeover turned an outcast into a showstopping Barbie doll.

Nikki Exotika, a 35-year-old transgender woman from Hoboken, New Jersey, has wanted to look like her buxom icon since she was 4.

Exotika, whose given name is Jason Torres, was obsessed with playing with dolls as a child and felt like a girl trapped in a boy’s body for as long as she can remember.

“I would always sit down when I went to the bathroom, I never stood up, it felt like I was born with the wrong genitals even at that age,” Exotika told Caters.

“I was confused and ashamed. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Back then I had no knowledge of being trans and it was a secret I kept from everyone,” she added.

Exotika was bullied in school but didn’t let the name calling or regular beatdowns get in the way of her dream of becoming a real-life Barbie... READ MORE

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